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Explore Pulau Ubin's precious
mangroves – and help keep them safe

“GrassRoutes” is a pun; a name intended to portray a community effort. It is a movement that starts small, but thinks big. At the heart is a love for nature and a continuous effort to preserve our environment and surroundings.

Participants get a chance to be good corporate citizens & be role models to many. This passion is reflected in all that we do, be it in our operations on Pulau Ubin, our research efforts, and our regular conservation activities.

Protect our natural environment with this meaningful team activity: kayaking through the mangroves and cleaning as you paddle.

Be part of this movement to make a difference. With every effort, it goes to saving the mangroves & it gives them a longer future. 

Video Journey of a GrassRoutes Program with

HSCB | Water Programme (Ripples) in collaboration with WWF


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Adventures for Teams

Building a mindset for sustainability starts with the openness to experience and the curiosity to explore

We hope that the experiences can inspire how individuals change the way they prioritise their goals and personal values, giving more weight, for instance, to environmental preservation and restoration through choices related to their consumption, saving, employment, political activity, community engagement, among others.


If you are launching your Corporate Social Responsibility / Social Impact Initiative and wish to have a sustainable program for both your employees and the beneficiaries, please contact us for a project mapping discussion. 

Contact Audree Koh, CSR Projects Lead

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