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Refer an Adventure Leader

We’re on a mission to curate and develop the best adventures led by people who are passionate and believe in building relationships through these experiences.

Help great local, independent adventure leaders or providers to be part of our Adventures Network by referring them to us. 

We're here to inspire people to do what really fulfils them, drive money into local communities, and helps to spread awareness about conservation and sustainable development of the world’s most beautiful natural environments in the process.

Our Adventures Leaders are carefully chosen local individuals and independent tour operators who are passionate about delivering safe & incredible experiences.

See our full criteria and vetting process here.


We’re excited to be able to support and elevate the best adventures with better experience design and safety management. We are on a mission to help great local, independent adventure individuals and providers to be able to continue to do what they are passionate about and be able to make a living and continue to grow the community through their work. 


There is no one global standard for quality and safety across the adventure industry, but we have gone ahead and built Adventures by Asian Detours with the mindset of delivering quality and safety. We put into place our practices that helped us to become a leader in Asia; in experience design, safety & risk management and development of our adventures leaders. 


Knowing that all adventures meet this benchmark provides peace of mind to customers, and build positive repute for all our partners.


While we understand every potential adventures leader and operator is different, and that diversity is embraced by us, this criteria is designed to ensure inspiring & incredible experiences everytime; run with safety, security and professionalism; and with maximum positive benefits to the local economy and community.


  • Freelance guides or independently owned, small-scale local companies (no large international tour operators here, just great local outfits). Great reputation among past guests and local community is a bonus. 

  • Have experience with running programs in-house (are not a middleman re-selling other people's programs).

  • Local expertise with superb ground knowledge. Passionate individuals who specialise in a particular activity or location (no generic country-wide sightseeing tours please).

  • Customer centric and able to speak good Conversational English with a Secondary Language / native tongue. (eg: Bahasa Malayu / Indonesia, Mandarin, Khmer, Thai, etc) 

  • Carrying official certifications, registrations and insurances applicable to the experiences on offer (let us know what you have / don't have. That’s what we are here for, we help to support in the areas of personal development and ensure that safety gaps are being looked at).

  • Always looking to minimise their environmental footprint and positively impact their local community.


Safety is paramount to all our adventures, right from the point  it was designed. Safety is a mindset and not just a set of protocol. We are very strict about how our Adventures Leaders understand and grow with us in the area of safety and risk management. To qualify, all interested applicants to be our Adventures Leaders / Operators need to meet further criteria with a safety and risk profiling.


We are really here to build a network of adventures designed to empower local adventures leaders and operators to make a great living doing what they love, while channeling the financial impact into their local economies and incentivising the conservation of wild places which attract adventurers in the first place.

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