You don't need to be an outdoor buff to enjoy the outdoors. 

Our Unique Adventures bring like-minded people together who love moments of discovery and meaningful travel. 


Unique, fun, and challenging – this kayaking expedition caters to those looking for an adventure that packs a punch. Possibly the most exciting and longest pure mangrove kayaking expedition in Singapore, we take you through a total distance of 8.27km with us starting at the north and ending at the south of Pulau Ubin. An “Ubin Bisect” adventure awaits all outdoor enthusiasts and those looking for a good workout!



*before GST. Children from ages 7 to 12


Specially designed for all adventure seekers, this 4-hour adventure is your perfect introduction to the Pulau Ubin mangroves! Friendly for beginners, come as you are because equipment and gear will be provided. Hop on one of our tandem kayaks in a pair or with our Expedition Leader, and you are set for your adventure!



*before GST. Children from ages 7 to 12


Looking for a fresh new kayaking experience? This programme will satisfy the adventure junkie in you! Experience a full open sea kayaking on this expedition as we bring you round Ketam island for a unique and heart-pumping adventure. Learn skills for better efficiency on the water such as using your core muscles and paddling techniques.



*before GST. Children from ages 7 to 12

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Experience the beauty of Pulau Ubin with our all-day Kayaking and Cycling programme!


Keep that adrenaline pumping while you feast your eyes on the scenic views and animal and bird sightings.


Do you have what it takes?



*before GST. Children from ages 7 to 12


A perfect escapade for those who enjoy the immersive experience of cycling through untainted surroundings of nature – this adventure is not to be missed!


Discover Pulau Ubin with us as the journey brings you to explore lesser known scenic spots, areas for specific animal and bird sightings, as well as historical landmarks.



*before GST. Children from ages 7 to 12

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Our Singapore River Cycling programme is held in Singapore’s very own beautiful Marina Bay district, where modernity meets the shoreline, signalling the boundary of our very own architectural feats.

The programme takes us through scenic routes to rediscover past culture and tradition that has now evolved into touristic venues we are all proud of!


*before GST. 

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K3 offers a full spectrum of experiences for those keen on an adventure, as well as getting a glimpse of living in an authentic village kampung home. Exchange your day for one that’s culturally distinctive, enriching and immersive and live your life closer to nature, whether on land or on water. You’ll get to kayak, visit a kelong, and hang out in a kampung. Oh, and did we mention there’s a barbeque too?

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Located at Gunner Lane, off Artillery Road, of present-day Sentosa, Blakang Mati Artillery Barrack was built in 1904. In its place today stands the Village Hotel Sentosa. It is apt that Adventures by Asian Detours launches its unique e-Biking  expedition from the parade square where the artillery-men used to live on a loop around central and Western Sentosa. 

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