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Adventures for Good

Gift a Valuable Experience to underprivileged Youth. We have curated the selection below that will be most beneficial for the community partners. 

Each Adventures for Good Activation will benefit a group of 10 beneficiary participants. You can also let us know if you would like us to work with your own beneficiary organisation that you are already working with or have in mind. 

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Adventures for Good

Gift an experience and not things.


The Importance of Outdoor Learning & Adventure-based Experiences

These experiences not only provide new perspectives and learnings but deep memories and irreplaceable bonds that have insurmountable lifelong affects.


The power of the outdoors is indescribable. The life skills, larger perspective and appreciation of our natural surroundings cannot be replicated anywhere else. The majority of these important experiences can happen in our youth through the guidance of our parents.


For many children and youths, it is a strong reality that they will not have these formative outdoor experiences, because they do not have the family conditions or resources to enable them.

By gifting an Adventures for Good experience as your organisation's Social Impact / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, you are helping the underprivileged youth experience wholesome development as they grow.




If you are launching your Corporate Social Responsibility / Social Impact Initiative and wish to have a program targeted at achieving your Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) for both your employees and the beneficiaries, please contact us for a project mapping discussion. 

Contact Us to discussion about your Sustainability Development & Social Impact initiatives. 

Find out more how your team can come together with purpose and spend time meaningfully

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