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PEDAL TO PADDLE (Party of 4)


Paddle to pedal your free spirits into the adventures of Pulau Ubin through an incredible kayaking and cycling experience. Get up close and personal with the lesser-known scenic view, specific birds and animals sightings. Explore the historical landmarks of Pulau Ubin on this exciting one day package! You will smoothly row on the sea and  explore the backwaters of the Sungei Jelutong, where you can enjoy its fascinating mangroves.


You will be also take in the remarkable sights and sounds of the Kelongs (floating fish farms) as you paddle through the calm and serene waters of Jelutong. We will turn back and head to shore for some simple local fare for lunch. Enjoy the tranquil and some village-watching whilst you rest up for the next ride.


After that, we will proceed with our famous Ubin Bike Trail programme, where we take you to the side of Singapore you haven’t gotten to experience. The scenic routes are filled with specific animal sightings. (boars and monkeys) as well as historical landmarks.​


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Pedal to Paddle (Party of 4)

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