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You don't need to be an outdoor buff to enjoy the outdoors. 

Our Unique Adventures bring people together who love moments of discovery. 

Adventures for 


"Project Kayak & KIAP (“K&K”) is a joint initiative by Asian Detours (“AD”) and Raleigh Singapore (“RS”) to preserve and support coastal and marine life in and around Pulau Ubin. The unique tripartite combination of adventure, education and action of K&K allows volunteers to make a tangible impact on Pulau Ubin while developing a sense of stewardship towards nature conservation in a fun way. 

As a form of appreciation for your ongoing support to Kayak&KIAP, we are pleased to offer you some programmes at discounted rates that your friends and family can sign up for.

These are some great outdoor experiences for everyone to enjoy nature and connect with people that matter. Create a memorable experience and hop on to any of these adventures.  Have fun spotting the wildlife and soak in the nature.


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