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Why others love it


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Awesome Day Out

It was a very interesting experience as I got to see various parts of ubin and many beautiful scenes of the nature. The staff was very friendly and engaging, sharing the history and the flora and fauna of ubin. Definitely would recommend it to others!! - Ho

Written 5 August 2020


Family Friendly Day

The bicycle ride with our toddler was a positive and fun experience, the tour guide educate us about the island history and lifestyle, keep us safe from the monkeys, show us some places that I have not been (despite I cycled at Ubin a few times). It's great to do as a group activity :) Complete your day with mouth-watering seafood at Seasons Live restaurant - Vernessa Chuah

Written 31 July 2020


Highly Recommended

We spent the morning cycling around the island with Tom and Dennis, our knowledgeable and friendly guides. What a great choice for us - plenty of wildlife and forest trails - a nice change from the busy mainland. And to finish off, a bunch of Rambutan at a roadside stall. Thank you Tom and Dennis for a very special trip! - Ross M

Written 24 July 2019



Our friendly adventure leader is ever ready to bring you on a great outdoor experience


Pulau Ubin is Singapore's favourite island, the government launched the plan to sensitively enhance and conserve Pulau Ubin, which gave rise to The Ubin Project.


Pulau Ubin is a 1,000-hectare boomerang-shaped island situated northeast of mainland Singapore. It comprises different habitat types: mangroves, rocky and sandy shores, coastal and secondary forests, abandoned fruit plantations, scrubland and freshwater ponds. These habitats support a rich diversity of wildlife, both flora and fauna.


Our equipment is well maintained and clean.

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