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5 Reasons to Gift an Experience This Holiday Season

We love the holiday season and we love the spirit of giving, but that doesn’t mean you have to conform to wrapping paper and ribbons. This Christmas, why not think outside the box and opt for one of our experiences as a gift?

From minimising your environmental footprint to reconnecting with nature and the community, there are many reasons why gifting an experience is such a meaningful alternative to material presents. Here are 5 reasons why we love them.

1. Create memories that last

Material gifts may bring joy on Christmas morning but it’s generally short lived. In comparison, experience gifts create genuine memories that will last for years to come. If you want to create memories with your recipient, why not purchase a gift experience for 2 and invite yourself along for the fun?

2. Minimise your environmental footprint

When you opt for a gift experience, you’re choosing to tread a little more lightly on the planet. Instead of wrapping up a few pairs of novelty socks or adding yet another perfume bottle to your mum’s dresser, why not treat your loved ones to an experience that brings them closer to the nature?

3. Support mental health

Not only are gift experiences fun and practical, but they’re also a fantastic way to support wellbeing this Christmas. The festive season can be a stressful time and can leave even the most energetic people feeling a little burnt out. Getting your loved ones into the outdoors is a great way to encourage them to unwind and take some time for themselves in the new year.

4. Connect with the community

The adventures are being led in small groups and can be an excellent way to meet like-minded locals.

5. For the love of travel

The past few years have been tough for travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send a loved one on an adventure. Our adventures can capture the joy of travel without having to leave the country.

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